Frequently Asked Questions

Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty: How many cards can I have in my Card Inventory and as Sell Orders?

Card Inventory - 100

Sell Orders - 80

Why is my Diamond Dynasty Win/Loss record incorrect when in a game/during gameplay?

Some of you may notice that your Win/Loss record is incorrect when you have a LOT of wins or losses. This shows up during the opening game presentation, when both team records are shown. This occurs once you (or any user) reaches the 256 mark in wins or losses. Once 256 is reached, the number wraps. Meaning if you have 277 wins, you will see 21 (277-256=21). This is a visual bug, which fortunately doesn’t affect standings, match-making or game balancing. The Standings leaderboard displays team records correctly. Apologies for the inconvenience.

My Diamond Dynasty Card(s) are not appearing in my team collection.

If you go into the collection and press "square" on your PS controller. This will display all the players needed to complete the collection. Some players on the roster may not be needed to complete certain collections. Please be sure to use this feature on future purchases. Also, depending if the player is a free agent. Once purchased from the community market, the player will be displayed in your "free agent" collection.


How do I get the EULA and the COTW T.O.S. to show up again?

You are only prompted to accept the EULA when you first go online. Once accepted, you will not be prompted again. The COTW T.O.S. will appear if a new prize is featured.

General Menus, Scoring and Attributes

What is the Green/Yellow/Red letter P next to names in the game rooms?

This is your ping (connection speed). It’s a rough estimate of how good the connection is. Green is good, Yellow is ok, and Red is bad. The worse the connection speed, the more likely you will see lag or other problems in game.

How do I change from Rookie to Veteran Status?

You change your status by playing rated games via “Play Now” and increasing your rank. Basically, the more you win the higher your status will go.

Why does challenging players in the Game Rooms not affect my Rating like in MLB 12?

Game room games are exhibition games. These are not rated games and will not affect your rank. They will increase your XP though.

What is the difference in an "Online Exhibition Game" and an "Online Rated Game" in the "Play Now" section?

Online Exhibition Games will only affect your Gamer Card/Stats and not your Online Rating. An "Online Rated Game" will affect both your Gamer Card/Stats and your Online Rating. Your Online Rating will only change by using the Play Now > Online Rated Game function. Game Room challenges will not affect your Online Rating.

Will my profile be affected if my Save Data gets deleted.

Deleting the Save Data does not affect online stats and progression. However, settings will be reset to default.

Why is the Overall Pitcher Control attribute for some of my better pitchers lower than expected?

Something to understand about the Overall Control attribute - it's an unweighted average of all the pitchers pitches. We plan to make the overall control rating more intelligent for MLB 16. The most important thing to take away here is that this in no way affects users ability to control each individual pitch. The pitch specific control rating is most important.


How do I post an issue, get support or ask a question on

If you've run into the issue in MLB The Show, please first take a look at the Issue Reporting system to see if a similar issue has been reported and replied to. Many items have been reported and responded to in these Issue Reports -

There is a search function with filters to see if your issue has already been submitted. If you find that it has been submitted you can vote on it, increasing its visibility to the MLB The Show Dev team.

Some issues have Dev comments on them represented by a baseball icon. You can respond to the Dev's questions on your bug report by signing in.

Before submitting a new bug report, look over the format of previous bug reports and give all of the information you can (connection type, Blu-Ray or digital, online or offline, model of PS3/VITA, etc.) this will help the Dev's narrow down the issue and increase the chances of them being able to fix it.

If you have a general question, our Forums are a great place to start. Chances are a user has asked a similar question and a response has been posted -

If those two methods don't find you the answers you're looking for, as a last resort, you can reach out to one of our moderators. The official list of moderators and developers can be seen here...

Items and Cards

How do I redeem the Legend Card I earned?

If you have earned a Legend MLB card, you must redeem it by entering the Locker tab from the Main Menu. Then visit the Card Collection screen. From there, find the team your Legend is associated with and press the Options button to redeem him. Unfortunately, there is currently a UI bug preventing the Options button from showing up properly (which will be fixed in a future patch). The Card Collection screen is also available within the Diamond Dynasty mode.

How do I get the First Login Gold Loyalty Upgrade?

The Gold Loyalty Bonus awards players who connected to MLB 14 by upgrading their First Login Rewards from Silver to Gold! In order to receive the bonus, you must have played online in MLB 14 with the same PSN account prior to the launch of MLB 15 The Show. If you have done that, you will automatically be credited the Upgrade the first time you login to the MLB 15 servers!

Online Franchise

I created an Online Franchise, but don't see it created yet. Where is my Online Franchise?

We know that some of you have experienced delays when trying to create an Online Franchise. The good news is that although it may take a significant amount of time to create your Online Franchise, it will be created! Your data and settings are in-tact! In most cases, we expect that your Online Franchise will be created within minutes. In some rare situations, it may take more than an hour. That should be rare. We ask that you not delete your Online Franchise and try to recreate it. Doing that will actually slow the process down further. Thanks for your patience.

I can’t find my Online Franchise, where did it go?

Information as of April 28, 2015: We have continued to see issues in certain Online Franchises. We believe we have finally identified the underlying causes and are taking steps to resolve them. Unfortunately, affected Online Franchises are not retrievable and will be removed from the system. We apologize for the inconvenience and remain endlessly appreciative of the community and its tremendous support for MLB 15 The Show.

Online Gameplay

How do I stop the opponent from interrupting games via controller disconnect? Can I report my opponent for this type of behavior?

Unfortunately this type behavior cannot be avoided during the game, but you can report the player who commits such acts. The best way to avoid it in the future is to not play that person again.

After loading into a game, I noticed my opponent has a bad connection (lag). How do I get my opponent to “friendly quit” before the game starts? Should there be a new feature implemented to prevent opponents from denying the friendly quit before the start of the game?

You can offer a “friendly quit” to your opponent, but it’s up to them to decide if they want to accept it. Afterwards your options are to either play the game out or quit.

Is the opponent gaining advantage over me by having different game settings? Can the settings determine the outcome of the game?

Your settings are your personal preference. Some settings (like analog batting) may make it easier or harder for you depending on what you prefer. You should go with the settings that you are most comfortable with as those will help you the most.

How do I report games that result in a win for both me and the opponent?

If you experience a game result that you believe to be a problem, report the game at

Online Pass

* No Online Pass required for MLB 14 The Show. The items below are only for MLB 13 The Show.

How do I find and redeem my Online Pass?

There are a few ways to obtain and redeem the Online Pass:

If you purchase the game new, there will be an insert in the inside of the packaging cover of the game. You should see a 16 digit code on the insert. You can redeem it one of two ways:

1. Load MLB 13 The Show, select any online feature. You will be asked to redeem an online pass code or purchase one. If you have an unused code from your purchase, select Redeem Code, enter your 16 digit code and you should now have access to all online features.

2. Go to the PlayStation Store > Redeem Codes (on the bottom of the left panel) > Enter the code and continue. You should now have an online pass in your "My Downloads" list. Select to download the file, then load MLB 13 The Show. Once you load the game, you should have access to all online features in the game.

NOTE - Digital versions of the game purchased at the PlayStation Store do NOT require an Online Pass.

My Online Pass says it's invalid or Redeemed already, what do I do?

It's one of the following reasons...

You may have purchased it and not downloaded and installed it. Please enter the XMB and go to Account Management > Transaction Management > Download List. Be sure you download the correct Online Pass.

The second Cause is you may have used it on more 2 machines already. The Online Pass can only be used on 2 machines.

There was a period where the Online Pass was mapped to the wrong year of The Show when it was created. The issue has since been addressed, so please try redeeming your Online Pass code again.

Can I redeem an Online pass if I'm in another country?

MLBTheShow online pass purchased through the PSN store can only be used by North America Residents. If you are from another country and do not have online access to MLBtheShow Servers. The work around is to create a US or Canada Account then apply and redeem your online pass code for you to gain full entry. Here are two forum threads that may also help.

PS Store Items

How do I get the Dynamic Themes that were part of MLB 15 The Show Anniversary Edition?

If you have purchased the Anniversary Edition of MLB 15 The Show, you will be entitled to all 31 themes individually on the PlayStation®Store. You will have to return to the PlayStation®Store and pick which themes you wish to download from the store manually. We went this route instead of automatically giving all 31 Dynamic Themes because we didn’t want to force a download of all 31 of them, just to have most users delete most (since most users only want a few).

How do I get the bonus digital content from my Anniversary Edition?

If you have pre-ordered the anniversary edition, you will have to go back into the PlayStation® Store and select the MLB 15 The Show Anniversary Edition product again to entitle yourself to the items that are included. Once you have the items entitled, you can load MLB 15 The Show and you should be prompted a message, offering to go redeem your items. That message should take you to the Show Shop > Purchase or Redeem screen. There you should see your Stubs and Packs to redeem and apply to your account. Packs can be opened in the Pack Management screen.

I purchased and downloaded the MLB 15 The Show Anniversary Edition from the PS Store, but I can’t seem to download it a second time. How can I get the game on a second PlayStation®4?

If you pre-ordered MLB 15 The Show Anniversary Edition you can only entitle yourself to the game and bonus content once. Going forward you will be locked out from selecting the MLB 15 Anniversary Edition again from the store. You will still be able to boot the game from the PS4 main UI and download or boot the game from the PS4 Library. If the you wish to download the game from the store for whatever reason, you will need to select the “Standard Edition” of MLB 15 The Show, as the Anniversary Edition will be unavailable.

How do get my GameStop pre-order 6 Item Bonus Packs?

When you purchase pre-ordered MLB 15 The Show at GameStop, the store representative should have notified you that a voucher code was on your receipt. Take that voucher code, go to the PlayStation Store > Redeem Codes and you will now be entitled to a new item. To see the packs and open them, load MLB 15 The Show, enter the Locker tab from the main menu, enter Show Shop and select Purchase or Redeem. There you should see the GameStop Voucher to redeem. Packs can be opened in the Pack Management screen.

PS4 Install and First Game

When I load MLB 15 The Show PS4 for the first time, why am I taken to an exhibition game as the Giants vs. Royals?

The PS4 offers a feature that allows you to play an experience of MLB 15 The Show while the game is being installed. You should see a green install/status bar at the top left of the screen. The load bar is showing the install progress, and may seem to move very slowly at times. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of data being loaded. We hope you enjoy the experience. Keep an ear out for key features and new experiences in MLB 15 The Show!

Save Files

How do I copy, save and apply a save file being shared?

Specifically for Live Rosters, please follow these steps:

If you have a roster file folder on your computer (from a friend or copy it on to a USB thumb drive.

The folder must be named something like... "BCUS98473_ROST_..."

The folder and contents within must be in the following folder format... PS3 > SAVEDATA

Once the folder is copied to the USB thumb drive, insert the USB in to the PS3 and select Game > Saved Data Utility (PS3) > USB Device (Storage Media) > Press the TRIANGLE button > Copy

You can now load this file when you play MLB 13 The Show

SkinIt Pre-order

How do I get my SkinIt pre-order controller team skin?

SkinIt codes will be sent to the email addresses associated with the PSN ID used to purchase MLB 15 The Show by 4/2, 11:59PM (Pacific Time)


Where are my bonus Stubs when I make a Stubs purchase?

When you make a Stubs purchase for MLB 15 The Show of $4.99 product or higher, your Stubs Bonus are included in the purchase. When you make a $4.99 purchase, you get 5,000 Stubs plus a bonus 500, totaling 5,500. The top large yellow font value has the bonus built-in.

Should I attempt to sell stubs to another user for cash or PlayStation Store credit?

Under any circumstance, you should never sell your stubs to another user for credit or cash. In accordance with our End User License Agreement, buying or selling stubs to other users is strictly prohibited. There have been numerous reports of users contacting other users and offering to buy stubs in exchange for PlayStation Store credit or cash through some other transaction tool. This has often resulted in one user losing their stubs, and never receiving the credit or cash that was agreed upon. We strongly advise all users to ignore any requests for stub transactions.

If I purchase stubs from the PlayStation Store, how do I redeem them in MLB 15 The Show?

If you have purchased stubs through the PlayStation store, you will need to log into MLB 15 The Show to redeem these stubs. Immediately after pressing the START button on the start screen, you will be prompted with a “Notice” message stating that you have unredeemed products. It will instruct you to access the QUICK MENU, then the SHOP. Once in the SHOP, you’ll need to access the PURCHASE OR REDEEM panel. At this point you should see a prompt labeled “X to use” on the amount of stubs that you purchased. At that point, the redeemed stubs will be applied to your account and available for use. Use them to buy packs, Franchise budget, or RTTS training points. Keep in mind, you can also access the PlayStation store from within MLB 15 The Show and purchase stubs.